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Get your applications to market faster with a fully managed CockroachDB instance. Leave the daily maintenance, security, and operations of your database to us, and spend more time building apps and running your business. Sign up today for a 30-day free cluster.

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CockroachCloud is now
available on Google Cloud and AWS.

Scalable distributed SQL now in a few clicks


Get a highly available and scalable distributed SQL cluster with just a few clicks, and never worry about database maintenance or operations.


Meet security needs with single-tenants clusters, VPC peering, and pre-configured enterprise-grade security.


Ensure your application data is always on and never worry about downtime. Our SREs work hard so you can know your business is always up.


CockroachCloud is trusted by

CockroachCloud Capabilities


Reduce latencies and comply with national and global privacy laws by specifying locations for your data.


Ensure your data is correct and trust CockroachCloud to handle your critical transactional workloads.


Point your application to a single connection string and simply add nodes to scale as your business grows.

“We’ve been using multi-region CockroachCloud in production since early 2018 as our data backbone. It’s incredible how high the quality bar is for these folks.”
– Gorka Lerchundi Osa, Principal Architect at SALTO Systems

“With CockroachCloud, we don’t have to worry about scalability issues or troubleshooting performance. This gives back a lot of time to our developers.”
– Global Head of Infrastructure at Education First

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