Build and scale fast with CockroachDB-as-a-service on AWS and Google Cloud.

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CockroachDB gives you the freedom to innovate...

Scale Fast

Build your services on an elastic and effortless database

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Survive Anything

Deploy all your applications on an indestructible database

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Thrive Anywhere

Gain low latency transactional performance everywhere

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... and CockroachCloud lets you save time and code more.

With CockroachCloud, our team of experienced SREs maintains and manages your database infrastructure, so you can focus less on ops and more on code

CockroachCloud Free (beta) is available now too

We recently launched CockroachCloud Free (beta), a forever free version of CockroachCloud that is ideal for development, testing out CockroachDB SQL and hobby applications.

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Why CockroachCloud, not a service from AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure?

A true cloud database.

Some cloud databases are simply augmented legacy databases that will struggle and fail to take advantage of cloud scale and resilience. CockroachDB was architected and built for the cloud.

Reliable, expert support

Many services don’t include support, so when you need help, it’s impossible to talk to a human. We’ve got your back with unlimited 24-hour support through traditional services and Slack

Predictable, simple pricing.

Public cloud services are full of variable and unplanned costs. CockroachCloud is offered with simple, transparent pricing, so you can know exactly what your costs will be month to month.

Freedom to run on any cloud

Running all your infrastructure on one provider can tie you down, limiting your ability to switch or use certain tools. CockroachDB can be used on any cloud and migrated whenever necessary

The most highly evolved database

CockroachCloud packages up CockroachDB with the infrastructure, maintenance, and management to support your project. Forget about your database—and trust that it just works.


Our SRE team manages all hardware provisioning, OS and security patching.


Get a CockroachDB Enterprise database, maintained and managed by our SRE team.

Daily and
hourly backups

Let our team take care of your backups. Rest easy knowing your disaster recovery plan is sound.

Advanced security

Get TLS connections, certificates for cluster authentication, and encrypted backups.

SOC 2 compliance

Our SOC 2 Type I and Type II certification lets you meet data security requirements

Always-on database

Get a resilient database with guaranteed availability. Perform schema changes with no downtime.

Single-click scale

Add commodity machines to increase capacity and transactional throughput with a single click.

Web console

Create, scale, and delete clusters from the console. Upgrade, view backups, and more.

VPC peering

Securely connect your application to your cluster and reduce network latency.

Monitoring UI

View query performance, SQL statements, and other key database metrics with an intuitive UI.

Email-based alerts

Receive email alerts for when CPU, memory, storage, or IOPS exceed a threshold over time.

Push-button upgrades

Get automatic updates to the latest minor release. Upgrade to major releases with a single click.

Easy restore

Restore your cluster from backups using the web console, in the unlikely event it’s needed.

Unlimited Support

Get help from our support team, with unlimited support tickets and 24 hour turnaround time.

Community Slack

Ask questions and chat with other users and CockroachDB engineers in our active community.


Follow our detailed, user friendly, world class docs, quickstart guides, and sample application tutorials.

Cockroach University

Get free training for you and your team with our online Cockroach University classes.

Designed for multi-region

As you scale beyond a single region, only CockroachDB can help you scale both reads and writes with low-latency performance anywhere on the globe.

Expert execution

Simply give us your requirements, and our CockroachDB experts deploy and optimize your cluster.

CockroachCloud: Trusted for Critical Data

We get so much time back because of what CockroachCloud automates. This liberates developers to evaluate and use data to make better decisions.

–Rob Reid, Principle Engineer at LUSH

The scalability and performance that we get from CockroachCloud is a critical requirement, as our platform serves a global audience that demands perfection.

–Stacy Haitsuka, CTO of TuneGO

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