CockroachCloud Free (beta)

We're building a forever-free, scaleout SQL database in the cloud

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In a few weeks, we'll launch a beta program for our upcoming forever-free version of CockroachCloud. Sign up, and we’ll let you know when it’s ready!

CockroachCloud Free (beta) delivers a free, fully managed cluster of CockroachDB that is suitable for anyone who wants to build hobby applications or test drive the database.

  • Free, no credit card, no commitment
  • Single vCPU instance that includes 5GB storage
  • Fully managed by our SREs (hardware, maintenance, upgrades)

Your feedback as part of the beta program will help shape the future of cloud databases. CockroachCloud delivers a scalable, resilient SQL database without the burden of management—and our forever-free version will make these benefits available to all developers 

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