Preserve data integrity with ACID guarantees

  • Serve low-latency, strongly-consistent data to users anywhere
  • Provide serializable isolation for ultimate transaction consistency
  • Never suffer from data errors like phantom reads or dirty reads

Handle millions of concurrent transactions with ease

  • Reduce ops overhead and accelerate business with no bottlenecks
  • Elastically scale transactions without adding operational complexity
  • Build critical applications on a stable, scalable data foundation

Build on the distributed database for business

  • Build mission-critical apps and systems of record on a proven data platform
  • Scale across regions, survive outages, and maintain peak performance
  • Grow into new markets while ensuring regulatory compliance

Proven in enterprise environments

Industry leaders trust CockroachDB with their most critical workloads

Deploy CockroachDB your way

Serverless, fully managed, or self-hosted. Choose what’s right for you.

A better SQL database awaits

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