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An open source, survivable, strongly consistent, scale-out SQL database

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CockroachDB is an open source database inspired by Google's Spanner technology.


Automated Horizontal Scaling & Repair

Horizontally Scalable: CockroachDB scales horizontally with minimal operator overhead.  Adding capacity is as easy as pointing a new node at the running cluster. When a cluster spans multiple nodes, the data is automatically rebalanced to nodes with more capacity.

Highly Available by Design

High Availability: CockroachDB is designed to survive software and hardware failures, from server restarts to data center outages. This is accomplished using strongly-consistent replication and automated repair after failures.

Strong Consistency

Strongly Consistent: CockroachDB implements consistent replication via majority consensus between replicas. This allows forward progress for both readers and writers in the event of failures, with no possibility of reading stale data.

Distributed Transactions

Distributed Transactions: CockroachDB distributes transactions across the cluster, whether the servers are in a single location or across multiple data centers. Unlike with shared setups, you don’t need to know the precise location of data; just talk to any node, and CockroachDB gets your transaction to the right place.


Scale-Out SQL: CockroachDB’s external API is Standard SQL with extensions, providing familiar relational concepts such as schemas, tables, and indexes and the ability to structure, manipulate, and query data using well-established tools and processes.

Plus, CockroachDB supports the PostgreSQL wire protocol, so you can use any available PostgreSQL client driver to connect

Simple Deployment & Operation

Easy to Deploy: Because CockroachDB requires no external dependencies and consists of only a statically-linked binary, deployment is simple in any environment.

Easy to Operate: CockroachDB is a shared-nothing architecture with symmetric nodes, eliminating single points of failure and simplifying operational requirements. No global configuration is required to specify topology or roles.

Secure: A secure CockroachDB cluster encrypts client/node and inter-node communication, and uses SSL certificates to authenticate the identity of clients and nodes.

CockroachDB is 100% open source and free to use.

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