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Learn to build and deploy production-ready serverless apps and services with Java using AWS Lambda

This hands-on guide includes hands-on tutorials and exercises for building, packaging, testing, and deploying Java-based Lambda code. Ultimately, developers will learn how serverless development can dramatically simplify how they build and scale their applications.
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O’Reilly Programming AWS Lambda | Cockroach Labs

In this complete, 10-chapter book you will learn:

The fundamentals of serverless and functions as a service, using the AWS Lambda platform

How to build and package Java-based Lambda code and dependencies

How to create serverless applications by building a serverless API and data pipeline

How to automate testing for your serverless applications

Advanced techniques for building production-ready applications

CockroachDB + AWS = Better Together

CockroachDB is an official member of the AWS Partner Network. With CockroachDB Serverless you can build modern apps with simple, familiar PostgreSQL on AWS, eliminate most database operations, and take an idea from a single customer to a global audience on a single database. The combination of best-in-class AWS infrastructure and CockroachDB survivability guarantees uptime and availability and no service disruptions. Deploy in a single region today and grow into additional AWS regions over time and on demand.