Systems that scale

/*“In these complimentary chapters from O’Reilly, you will explore the essential ingredients of designing scalable solutions, including replication, state management, load balancing, and caching.”*/

What you'll learn

Scalability design principles

Distributed systems architecture

Essential distributed systems concepts

What's inside

  • What Is Scalability?
  • Examples of System Scale in the Early 2000s
  • How Did We Get Here? A Brief History of System Growth
  • Scalability Basic Design Principles
  • Scalability and Costs
  • Scalability and Architecture Trade-Offs
  • Performance
  • Availability
  • Security
  • Manageability
  • Basic System Architecture
  • Scale Out
  • Scaling the Database with Caching
  • Distributing the Database
  • Multiple Processing Tiers
  • Increasing Responsiveness
  • Systems and Hardware Scalability
  • Communications Basics
  • Communications Hardware
  • Communications Software
  • Remote Method Invocation
  • Partial Failures
  • Consensus in Distributed Systems
  • Time in Distributed Systems

About the Author

Ian Gorton

Ian Gorton

Ian Gorton has 30 years’ experience as a software architect, computer science professor, and consultant. With a focus on distributed technologies since graduate school, he’s worked on large-scale software systems in areas such as banking, telecommunications, government, healthcare, and scientific modeling and simulation. He’s the author of Essential Software Architecture (Springer) and Data Intensive Computing (Cambridge University Press) and has written more than 200 scientific and professional publications on software architecture and software engineering.

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