How to Manage State in Kubernetes


Building Stateful Apps with Kubernetes & CockroachDB

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How to Manage State in Kubernetes | Cockroach Labs
Kubernetes was designed for stateless workloads and excels in orchestration. Many developers now want to use Kubernetes to deploy and migrate traditional applications. But how do you accommodate stateful applications’ need for persistent connectivity in a world where infrastructure is disposable?

In this guide you will learn:

Multiple options of how to deploy stateful applications on Kubernetes

Practical guidance for managing state and storage on Kubernetes

Details about how StatefulSets and DaemonSets work in Kubernetes

Steps to get your stateful application into production using CockroachDB

About the Ebook

This practical guide details how to manage and maintain state in Kubernetes, and what to consider when deploying an application that requires state. This guide is for those already familiar with basic Kubernetes concepts and who have experience deployed deploying applications in production environments.


Managing state in Kubernetes is difficult because the system’s dynamism is too chaotic for most databases to handle, making application deployment especially tricky. Read this guide for practical deployment patterns.