Watch Videos from the Inaugural Multi-Cloud Conference

Hear from leaders in the multi-cloud movement and learn from real-world demos of apps & services deployed across clouds in these ESCAPE/19 videos. 

The Challenges of Application Data in a Global, Multi-Cloud Environment 

Spencer Kimball, Cockroach Labs

Watch sessions from this year's ESCAPE/19.

Intrusion Detection - Kris Nova, Sysdig

In this presentation, Kris explores the unique constraints of running a low-level forensics analysis and incident response engine in a multi-cloud environment. She looks at how auditing at the kernel level frees us from having to concern ourselves with how our applications are running.

Cultivating Production Excellence - Liz Fong-Jones, Honeycomb

In this talk, you'll learn about several practices core to production excellence: giving everyone a stake in production, collaborating to ensure observability, measuring with Service Level Objectives, and prioritizing improvements using risk analysis.

The Many Definitions of Multi-Cloud & Their Implications - Armon Dadgar, HashiCorp

There are many different definitions of multi-cloud, but they can roughly be summarized as workflow portability, workload portability, traffic portability, or data portability. You can be multi-cloud with any one of them, and they don’t preclude each other. However, there are very different approaches and implications for each version.

Going Multi-Cloud For Realz - Panel Host: Lisa-Marie Namphy, Portworx

It can be hard for teams to decide how to approach multi-cloud workflows, and operationalize, and push their infrastructure providers as organizations move to a multi-cloud world. This panel brings together end-user practitioners and infrastructure providers who have passionately built this multi-cloud world and will offer their perspective.

A Financial Take on Multi-Cloud - Said Mia & Dan Ives

A financial perspective on the cottage industries that’ve emerged between the public clouds and the providers and vendors that can be winners and potentially losers. An assessment of the services industry in this multi-cloud world from a Wall Street and VC perspective.

How Microservices Enable Multi-Cloud at the Expense of Developers - Ethan Jackson, Kelda

The critical design decisions that make microservices a key enabler of multi-cloud have damaged the local development experience. Developers struggle with immature tools that are ill-suited for the challenges that microservice development present. In this talk, we explore the problem and describe how we’re working to fix it.

Opening Up The Cloud with Crossplane - Bassam Tabbara, Crossplane/UpBound

Today, cloud computing is dominated by a few, vertically integrated commercial providers. In this talk, Bassam Tabbara, founder of the open-source Crossplane project and CEO of, discusses how the open-source community can tip the market towards a more open, horizontally-integrated cloud ecosystem.

Chaos Engineering in a Multi-Cloud World - Ana Medina, Gremlin

Chaos engineering is a disciplined approach to identifying failures before they become outages. By proactively testing how a system responds under stress, you can identify and fix failures before they end up in the news. Ana shares how you can use this practice to make your infrastructure and teams more resilient.

Learn how the cloud experts are navigating the multi-cloud challenges of storage, networking, security, compute & more. 


Developing Meaningful SLIs for Deep Systems - Alex Hidalgo, Squarespace

Alex Hidalgo, Site Reliability Engineer at Squarespace, shares his insights in keeping large, microservices-based systems reliably operating at business velocity. 

Elements of New Cloud Operating Model - Michael Willette, USAA

This session aims to propose an initial methodology for how large enterprises can begin to regain order and control in our multi-cloud world.

Three Keys to Making the Right Multi-Cloud Decisions - Brendan O'Leary, Gitlab

In this talk, we'll discuss the three keys to enabling your business to make the right cloud decisions: visibility, efficiency, and governance. 

Scaling Multi-Cloud - Panel Host: Mike Haro,

A panel discussion with Architects from Lyft & Adobe who have evolved their tech stack to scale with Multi-Cloud architecture.

Benchmarking the Cloud - Andy Woods, Cockroach Labs

Benchmarking cloud providers is difficult and time-consuming. This talk gets into the details of how Cockroach Labs benchmarked AWS & Google Cloud Platform.

Observability in the era of Deep Systems - Spoons (Lightstep) and Thomas Millar

Microservices-based architectures can negatively impact developer effectiveness - this conversation is about ways of unlocking developer velocity, shortening MTTR, and accelerating business innovations.

The 5 P's of Multi-Cloud - Zac Smith, Packet

In this talk, we explore how organizations are working to balance price, performance, proximity, politics and pride to achieve a successful multi-cloud strategy.

A CISO's Perspective on Securing Multi-Cloud Infra - Fritz Wetschnig, Flex

This session intends to get into the major issues facing security teams as they must retrofit and reimagine securing users and data from a multitude of SaaS, IaaS and legacy applications.

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