What's New in v21.2.0-beta.4

October 11, 2021

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The CockroachDB executable for Windows is experimental and not suitable for production deployments. Windows 8 or higher is required.

Docker image

$ docker pull cockroachdb/cockroach-unstable:v21.2.0-beta.4

Enterprise edition changes

  • Fixed a bug that could have led to duplicate instances of a single changefeed job running for prolonged periods of time. #70921

SQL language changes

  • The cluster settings sql.telemetry.query_sampling.qps_threshold, and sql.telemetry.query_sampling.sample_rate have been removed. A new setting, sql.telemetry.query_sampling.max_event_frequency has been introduced, with a default value of 10 events per second. #70960
  • EXPLAIN ANALYZE (DEBUG) now returns an error for non-system tenants, since we cannot yet support it correctly. #70949

Command-line changes

DB Console changes

  • Removed the link to Statement Details on the Session table #70805
  • A new column, Interval Start Time (UTC), has been added to both the Statements and Transactions tables. The column represents the start time in UTC of the statistics aggregation interval for a statement. By default, the aggregation interval is 1 hour. Interval Start Time has been added to the Statement details page. A new query parameter has been added to Statement details page. If the search param aggregated_ts is set, it will display the statement details for statements aggregated at that interval. If unset, it will display the statement details for the statement aggregated over the date range. #70895
  • The Terminate Session and Terminate Statement buttons have been temporarily disabled on the Sessions page. #71014
  • Updated color, fonts, and spaces on the Statements, Statements Details, Transactions, Transactions Details, and Sessions pages #71020
  • Fixed a bug where the Clock Offset graph rendered incorrectly on nodes with multiple stores. #70468
  • Fixed a bug where replicas awaiting to be garbage collected were causing the Range Report page to not load at all due to a JS error. The page will now load and display an empty Replica Type while in this state. #70211

Bug fixes

  • The selected app name in the Statements page of the DB Console is now derived from the route parameters. #71024
  • Fixed a bug that addresses an issue in Pebble where a key can be dropped from an LSM snapshot if the key was deleted by a range tombstone after the snapshot was acquired. #70969
  • The Statement details page in the Cloud console now filters statements by the provided aggregated_ts query parameter. #71081
  • The SQL layer no longer panics under memory pressure when the query profiler is enabled. #71007


This release includes 29 merged PRs by 17 authors.

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