What's New in v20.2.0-alpha.3

Cockroach Labs will stop providing Assistance Support for this version on May 10, 2022. Prior to that date, upgrade to a more recent version to continue receiving support. For more details, see the Release Support Policy.

August 25, 2020


A denial-of-service (DoS) vulnerability is present in CockroachDB v20.2.0 - v20.2.3 due to a bug in protobuf. This is resolved in CockroachDB v20.2.4 and later releases. When upgrading is not an option, users should audit their network configuration to verify that the CockroachDB HTTP port is not available to untrusted clients. We recommend blocking the HTTP port behind a firewall.

For more information, including other affected versions, see Technical Advisory 58932.

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Docker image

$ docker pull cockroachdb/cockroach-unstable:v20.2.0-alpha.3

Backward-incompatible changes

  • A CockroachDB node started with cockroach start without the --join flag no longer automatically initializes the cluster. The cockroach init command is now mandatory. The auto-initialization behavior had been deprecated in version 19.2. #51245
  • Clusters running alphas of 20.2 that use ENUM types will not be able to upgrade to betas or major releases of 20.2 due to internal representation changes. #52483
  • Improved WITH option parsing for RESTORE. Does not allow the same option to be specified twice, and also prevents usage of quoted option names. #52302
  • The file names for heap profile dumps now use the naming scheme memprof.<date-and-time>.<heapsize>, where previously they were named memprof.<heapsize>.<date-and-time>. #50446

General changes

  • cockroach node recommission has new semantics. Previously it was able to recommission any decommissioning node, regardless of how long ago its was decommissioned, or removed from the cluster. Now cockroach node recommission serves to only cancel an accidental inflight decommissioning process that wasn't finalized. #50329
  • CPU profiles are now taken as part of the cockroach debug zip command. #50625
  • CPU profiles taken from CockroachDB servers now contain more profiler labels related to ongoing SQL processing. #50625
  • The CockroachDB tarballs now include the libgeos and libgeos_c libraries, which are required to be copied to /usr/local/lib/cockroach for UNIX/MacOS systems to perform certain geospatial operations. The Windows location will be finalized at a later date. This location is configurable with the --geo-libs flag to cockroach start. #51108
  • The Docker container that ships with CockroachDB now includes the GEOS library needed for geospatial functionality in /usr/local/lib/cockroach (which is the default location where the cockroach binary looks for the GEOS libraries). #51392
  • Timestamp functions are now supported by IMPORT INTO. #51390
  • IMPORT INTO now supports unique_rowid() as a default expression. #50922
  • Previously, CockroachDB would spam its logs when undergoing network connectivity issues. This patch reduces the frequency of said spam. #51937
  • Reverted the Go version back to 1.13. #52348

Enterprise edition changes

  • RESTORE has a new option skip_missing_sequence_owners that must be supplied when restoring only the table/sequence that was previously a sequence owner/owned by a table. Additionally, this fixes a bug where ownership relationships would not be remapped after a RESTORE. #50949
  • Disabled the use of IMPORT with user defined types. Users should use IMPORT INTO instead. #51149
  • Added support for BACKUP TENANT and RESTORE TENANT. #50967
  • Implemented a CREATE SCHEDULE FOR BACKUP statement which allows the creation of periodic backup schedules. #51308
  • Implemented schedule control statements to pause, resume, or delete scheduled jobs. #51896
  • Added support for user-defined schemas in the IMPORT and IMPORT INTO statements. #51936
  • Added a FOR SCHEDULES clause to the job control statements to enable management of the jobs created by schedules. #52038
  • The SHOW SCHEDULES statement now displays information about the scheduled jobs. #52230
  • Added the ability to display jobs started by a specified schedule. #52274
  • Added a BACKUP ... INTO alternative to BACKUP TO which automatically picks a new path within the destination. #52329
  • The BACKUP statement now takes priority over other transactions if its initial attempts to export a range fail. #51624
  • Exported CSV files are now prepended with a long unique ID. This can help to mitigate situations where multiple export runs are written to the same directory, resulting in mixed data. This change does not prevent mixed data; rather, it makes it possible to identify files from distinct runs, so that an operator can clean up. #52547
  • Updated IMPORT so that it cannot be used to create tables in user-defined schemas. Users should instead create the table with CREATE TABLE and then use IMPORT INTO. #52729
  • The RESTORE statement can now run in "detached" mode. That is, instead of waiting for the RESTORE job to finish, the job ID is returned immediately, and the job itself runs in the background. #52779
  • Enabled BACKUP and RESTORE when user-defined schemas are in use. #52588

SQL language changes

General SQL updates

  • Added support for materialized views. #52530
  • Indexes are no longer required on the origin side of a foreign key relationship, and are no longer automatically created. #50771
  • Added a CREATE SCHEDULE FOR BACKUP statement. This statement can be used to specify a recurring backup schedule. #50631
  • Removed the SYMVAR modifier to EXPLAIN (PLAN). #51349
  • The vectorized engine now supports the aggregate function concat_agg. #51148
  • Disallowed row-level locking in READ-ONLY transactions to be consistent with Postgres behavior. #51335
  • Implemented the datetime_precision column in the information_schema.columns table for time-stored values. #51352
  • The sql.log.slow_query.latency_threshold cluster setting now requires an explicit unit when being set. (e.g.. 500ms for 500 milliseconds, 5us for 5 nanoseconds, 5s for 5 seconds etc). An error with a hint pops up if the user fails to provide units. #50632
  • Added a deprecation notice for the use of ALTER TABLE .. RENAME with a qualified name. #51433
  • Disabled using ALTER TABLE .. RENAME to change the schema of a table. #51433
  • Unqualified names in the target of ALTER TABLE ... RENAME are now treated as having the same database and schema as the table being renamed. #51433
  • Interleaved table joins now show up in EXPLAIN (PLAN) output. #51469
  • The pg_catalog.pg_attribute table now contains the columns attidentity (unimplemented) and attgenerated (implemented, 's' for computed/generated columns). #51466
  • Made a minor change to remove the outdated CCL-only message from the GRANT and REVOKE ROLE help messages. #51465
  • Added the num_nulls and num_nonnulls builtin functions, which count the number of arguments that are passed to them which are NULL or non-NULL, respectively. #51515
  • EXPLAIN (PLAN) now shows any filter on a scan as a separate filter node. #51493
  • Added the stddev_pop and var_pop aggregate functions for population standard deviation and variance calculations. #51447
  • Added support for the idle_in_session_timeout variable to allow automatically terminating sessions that idle past a certain threshold. #51223
  • Added the cluster setting sql.defaults.idle_in_session_timeout for setting a default idle_in_session_timeout value for new sessions. This gives users the ability to set idle_in_session_timeout values for all newly created sessions. #51223
  • Added support for renaming a value of an ENUM using the ALTER TYPE <type> RENAME VALUE <old> TO <new> syntax. #51490
  • Exposed the MVCC timestamp of each row as a system column on the table. This column is named crdb_internal_mvcc_timestamp and is accessible only in a limited set of contexts. #51494
  • Transactions that have modified or created a type will execute queries on the local node, rather than distributing the queries to other nodes in the cluster. #51784
  • Casting TIMESTAMP types to TEXT-related types now omits the timezone component. For example, '2001-12-15 15:14:13'::TIMESTAMP will now format as '2001-12-15 15:14:13' instead of '2001-12-15 15:14:13+00:00'. #51692
  • Added the builtin function crdb_internal.approximate_timestamp to convert the DECIMAL returned from the crdb_internal_mvcc_timestamp system column into a TIMESTAMP. #51662
  • EXPLAIN no longer shows the "hidden" annotation for columns. #51837
  • Previously, matching with LIKE supported the "prefix" notation match(test%) and "suffix" notation match(%test) This commit adds the "contains" notation match(%test%). #51636
  • Dropping a column always drops all indexes that index the column. It is no longer necessary to provide the CASCADE option to DROP COLUMN. #51661
  • The SHOW CREATE statement now contains the schema of a table in the CREATE statement. #50889
  • The EXPORT statement no longer requires an enterprise license. #52029
  • EXPLAIN (DISTSQL) diagrams have been updated by switching table name with index name (previously, we had the syntax index@table, and now we have table@index). #52085
  • The 'bytes' and 'rows read' metrics are now tracked with mean and variance, similar to the other per-statement metrics. crdb_internal.node_statement_statistics has been updated to remove the bytes_read and rows_read columns, replacing them with bytes_read_avg, bytes_read_var, rows_read_avg, and rows_read_var. #51630
  • Added cosmetic improvements to EXPLAIN node naming. #52195
  • Added support for ALTER TABLE/SEQUENCE/VIEW SET SCHEMA to set the schema of the table to the target schema. One must have DROP privileges on the table and CREATE privileges on the schema to perform the operation. #52090
  • Added support for the setting and getting of the synchronous_commit and enable_seqscan variables, which do not affect any performance characteristics. These are no-ops enabled to allow certain tools to work. #52168
  • EXPLAIN no longer shows grouping columns as "aggregations" for the group operator. #52232
  • It's now possible to specify a KMS URI or a list of KMS URIs to encrypt BACKUP data/manifests with by passing the kms option to BACKUP. #52091
  • Query statistics now include the disk bytes and rows read from lookup and index joins, in addition to ordinary table scans. #52237
  • The value of pg_class.atttypmod and the TypeModifier in the RowDescription for array columns is now the same as the type modifier of the type of the array contents. This enhances compatibility with the Postgres wire protocol. #52428
  • Added support for ALTER TABLE ... ALTER COLUMN ... SET NULL syntax for IMPORT PGDUMP type backups. #52442
  • Added a hint for "line too long" errors when importing a backup with long lines. #52432
  • Added "ownership" concept objects. Objects must now have an owner; all objects that do not have owners currently will have admin set as the default owner except system objects. System objects without owners will have node as their owner. By default, owners are the creator of the object. Owners have all privileges to the objects they own. Similarly, any roles that are members of the owner role also have all privileges on the object. Roles cannot be dropped if they own objects. This PR does not add support for changing the ownership of objects; that will be added in a future PR to support dropping roles. #51856
  • When using IMPORT PGDUMP with INSERT INTO clauses, specifying a column name that is case sensitive (e.g., "cApItAls") would previously error specifying the column name was not found. This has been fixed. #52485
  • Added the pg_get_serial_sequence builtin function. #52436
  • Added support for the ALTER TYPE SET SCHEMA command to set the schema of a user-defined type. The user must have CREATE privileges on the schema and DROP privileges on the type to set the schema. #52301
  • Added a new statement SHOW ENUMS which displays information on existing enums. #52538
  • Added support for the BINARY format for COPY FROM. #51890
  • Previously, IMPORT PGDUMP using COPY required all rows to be present in the same order as the table definition. This restriction has been removed. #52488
  • Added a notice that is displayed to the user when she tries to add a value which already exists in an ENUM. #52534
  • Modified SHOW TABLES to return estimates of the number of rows in each table. The new column's name is estimated_row_count. The number of rows is taken from the system.table_statistics table (via crdb_internal.table_row_statistics, which shows only tables accessible to the current user). #52203
  • Implemented the regexp_split_to_table and regexp_split_to_array builtin functions. #52479
  • Added support for the CREATE UNLOGGED TABLE syntax to be parsed and recorded internally by CockroachDB. However, this syntax does not modify the behavior of the table. #52596
  • Added support for the use of CREATE INDEX ... WITH ... syntax. #52640
  • "no inbound stream connection" errors should happen less frequently due to the addition of connection retries. #52624
  • Extended the RESTORE statement to support the 'KMS' option. This can be used to decrypt encrypted BACKUP(s). #52434
  • Added support for parsing the syntax CREATE TABLE ... WITH (autovacuum_enabled = bool), which results in a no-op. #52652
  • Added various improvements to EXPLAIN. #52730
  • Implemented the ALTER SCHEMA RENAME TO command. #52349
  • The vectorized execution engine now fully supports comparison operators (things like ILIKE, IS NOT DISTINCT FROM, SIMILAR TO, and several others). #52313
  • The experimental_follower_read_timestamp() function has been renamed to follower_read_timestamp(), signifying more confidence in CockroachDB's follower read implementation. The previous name remains a supported alias. #52359
  • The reserved, non-documented cluster settings server.heap_profile.* have been renamed to server.mem_profile.*. They now control collection of multiple types of memory profiles besides just Go heap allocations. #50446

Spatial support updates


For instructions showing how to get started with CockroachDB Spatial, see Working with Spatial Data.

  • Implemented the ST_MakePolygon function for GEOMETRY types. #50979
  • Added a variant of each index-backed geospatial function that is prefixed with a _ (e.g., ST_Covers gets a non-index-accelerated variant called _ST_Covers). These prefixed variants avoid using the spatial index while providing the same functionality. #51225
  • Implemented the ST_DistanceSphere and ST_DistanceSpheroid operators for GEOMETRY types. #51461
  • Implemented the ST_ConvexHull function on GEOMETRY types. #51446
  • Implemented the ST_Disjoint builtin function for GEOMETRY types. #51444
  • Added support for the USING GIST syntax to create an inverted index on GEOMETRY and GEOGRAPHY columns. #51516
  • Implemented the ST_IsValid, ST_IsValidReason and ST_MakeValid operators for GEOMETRY types. #51484
  • Implemented the ST_Force2D functionality for GEOMETRY types. #51514
  • Updated geospatial functions that take in a string argument such that when an ambiguous function that could be referring to either GEOMETRY or GEOGRAPHY types is encountered, the GEOMETRY type is chosen. This is the case for the following functions: st_area, st_asewkt, st_asgeojson, st_buffer, st_coveredby, st_covers, st_distance, st_dwithin, st_intersects, and st_length. #51563
  • Implemented ST_Length2D and ST_Perimeter2D for GEOMETRY types. #51556
  • Implemented ST_Envelope for GEOMETRY types. #51604
  • Added the ST_RelatePattern builtin function, which checks whether a given DE-9IM intersection matrix matches a given pattern. #51858
  • Implemented ST_GeoHash for GEOMETRY and GEOGRAPHY types. #50611
  • Implemented the ST_Buffer and ST_Intersection functions for GEOGRAPHY types. #51537
  • Implemented the ST_Intersection function for STRING types. #51537
  • When ordering by geospatial columns, they will now be ordered by the Hilbert Space-filling Curve index so that points which are geographically similar are clustered together. #51898
  • Implemented the GEOMETRY builtin function ST_Translate. #51483
  • Implemented the GEOMETRY builtin function ST_Scale. #52350
  • Implemented the ST_MakeLine aggregate builtin function. #52631
  • Implemented the GEOMETRY builtin function ST_SetPoint. #52655
  • Added aliases for GeomFromEWKT to ST_GeomFromEWKT and GeomFromEWKB to ST_GeomFromEWKB. #52789
  • Added ST_AsGeoJSON for recordsets, putting row contents into the properties field of a GeoJSON object. #52715

Command-line changes

  • Added a set of statement-diag CLI commands that can be used to manage statement diagnostics. #50924
  • Introduced a membership column to the output generated by cockroach node status --decommission. It should be used in favor of the is_decommissioning column going forward. #50329
  • The v20.2 CLI cockroach node family of subcommands will not work with servers running older versions of cockroach, but the v20.1 CLI cockroach node subcommands will work against v20.2 servers. #50329
  • The is_decommissioning column found in the output of cockroach node decommission is slated for removal in v20.1. Operators should instead use the new membership column to determine node membership status. #50329
  • The --wait flag to cockroach node decommission now takes any of the following values:
    • all waits until all target nodes' replica counts have dropped to zero and marks the nodes as fully decommissioned. This is the default.
    • none marks the targets as decommissioning, but does not wait for the replica counts to drop to zero before returning. If the replica counts are found to be zero, nodes are marked as fully decommissioned. Use when polling manually from an external system. #50329
  • The statement-diag CLI command will now show all times in UTC. #51185
  • Added a userfile upload command that can be used to upload a file to the user scoped blob storage: userfile upload source/file /destination/of/file #50981
  • SIGQUIT now causes a CockroachDB server to log its stack traces without shutting down. #50774
  • Added Kerberos (GSS) support to cockroach sql and other CLI commands that only use the SQL protocol (such as node ls, or node status). Other cockroach CLI commands that also use the RPC protocol still cannot use Kerberos (such as node decommission, debug zip, etc). #51570
  • Improved the user semantics for userfile upload by supporting different patterns of specifying the source and destination CLI arguments. The source argument is required, while the destination argument is now optional. #51353
  • Changed the Kerberos URL connection string parameters to the standard krbsrvname (previously service) and krbspn (previously spn). #51947
  • Updated the label used for the commit ID in the printed version info. #52263
  • cockroach dump now supports dumping databases that contain user-defined schemas, as well as accepting schema-qualified table names as arguments. #52079
  • The userfile command now supports an ls command which allows users to list the files they have uploaded to the user-scoped FileTableStorage. userfile ls accepts a single, optional CLI argument which can either be a well-formed userfile URI or a glob pattern. The latter defaults to searching in the default FileTableStorage table defaultdb.public.userfiles_$USERNAME. #51482
  • The userfile command now supports a delete command, which allows users to delete the files they have uploaded to the user-scoped FileTableStorage. userfile delete accepts one CLI argument which can either be a well-formed userfile URI or a glob pattern. The latter defaults to searching in the default FileTableStorage table defaultdb.public.userfiles_$USERNAME. #51610
  • CockroachDB now better attempts to retain heap profile dumps after a crash due to an out-of-memory (OOM) error. #50446
  • CockroachDB now better attempts to retain memory statistics corresponding to increases in total memory usage, not just heap allocations. #50446
  • Crashes in cockroach demo sessions are now reported to telemetry, if telemetry is enabled. #52696

DB Console changes

  • Removed the Now button for the "From" timepicker in the custom time range on the Metrics page. #51047
  • Updated the node label in chart legends to make the node ID visible. #50434
  • Updated DB Console database page styles to match the Cockroach Labs design system. #47753
  • Updated link on login page for secure clusters to point to a moved documentation URL. #51862
  • The Statement Details page now contains statistics for rows and disk bytes read. #51630
  • The time range selector (on the Metrics page) now shows time in UTC instead of local time, with a "(UTC)" prefix after the time to highlight this in the UI. #51056

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an internal error that occurred when AddGeometryColumn was called with NULL arguments. This now results in a no-op and returns NULL. #50992
  • Previously, CockroachDB could crash when internal memory accounting hit a discrepancy. Now it will report an error instead. #50962
  • Fixed the "column not in input" internal error in cases involving lookup semi/anti joins. #50993
  • Added better support for large statement diagnostic bundles. #50974
  • Previously, if there was a table t(a int, b int), and a sequence seq that was first owned by t.a and then altered to be owned by t.b, it would make the table t impossible to drop. This is now fixed. #50720
  • The age function previously did not normalize the duration for large day or H:M:S values in the same way PostgreSQL does. This is now fixed. #51054
  • Fixed an internal error in some cases involving COALESCE with NULL inputs. #51022
  • Fixed a bug where very long-running incremental backups could fail if the data they were backing up was garbage collected. #51069
  • Fixed a bug causing the raw trace file collected inside a statement diagnostics bundle to be sometimes empty when the cluster setting sql.trace.txn.enable_threshold was in use. #50914
  • Prevented spurious "SimpleQuery not allowed while in extended protocol mode" errors. #51194
  • Previously, CockroachDB could hit an internal error when executing the regexp_replace builtin function; this has been fixed. #51303
  • Fixed an internal error involving CASE statements and boolean expressions with NULL operands. #51154
  • IMPORT no longer fails when run in a database which has a user with privileges on the database. #51315
  • cockroach dump no longer fails with an error when dumping temporary tables, views, or sequences. It either ignores them or throws an informative error if the temporary object is explicitly requested to be dumped via the CLI. #51185
  • Fixed incorrect results in some cases involving joins on interleaved tables with limits. #51398
  • Fixed a bug where cockroach dump would not properly escape quotes within table comments. #51463
  • Fixed a bug where cockroach dump would not emit a correct statement for comments on indexes. #51463
  • Fixed a bug in in the pgwire protocol implementation where CockroachDB would not correctly populate the TableOID and TableAttributeNumber fields in the RowDescription message of a prepared statement correctly. #51479
  • Some queries in the vectorized execution engine could previously hang during cleanup. This is now fixed. #51375
  • Previously, users could not drop tables or sequences with invalid internal state due to circular ownership issues. This is now fixed. #51253
  • Updated the vectorized engine to show the same statistics for 'rows'/'bytes read' as the row-at-a-time engine. #51591
  • Previously, CockroachDB could throw a "command is too large" error when performing UPSERT operations with many values. Internally, we attempted to perform such operations by splitting them into "batches", but the batching mechanism was broken. This is now fixed. #51608
  • It is no longer possible for rapid range lease movement to trigger a rare assertion failure under contended workloads. The assertion contained the text: "discovered lock by different transaction than existing lock". #51615
  • CockroachDB now tracks the location of follower replicas for all ranges much more effectively than before. This means that more queries will be successfully served as "follower reads". #51437
  • Before this change, we would leave orphaned system.namespace/system.descriptor entries if we ran a DROP DATABASE CASCADE and the database contained "dependency" relations. For example, if the database included a view which depended on a table in the database, dropping the database would result in an orphaned entry for the view. Same thing for a sequence that was used by a table in the database. (See #51782 for reproduction steps). This bug is now fixed, and cleanup of entries happens as expected. #51813
  • Fixed instances of slow plans for prepared queries involving CTEs or foreign key checks. #51788
  • Fixed the "unhandled op: json-object-agg" internal error. #51881
  • CockroachDB would previously emit benign internal "context canceled" errors when queries were executed by the vectorized engine. This is now fixed. #51772
  • Added better detection of invalid computed column or partial index predicates that contain context-dependent operators. #51886
  • Increased robustness of RESTORE against descriptors which may be in an unexpected state. #51848
  • Previously, CockroachDB could return incorrect results on query that encountered a ReadWithinUncertaintyInterval error, and this has been fixed. #51518
  • Previously, a BACKUP job would block once it had finished backing up the data. This is now fixed. #51999
  • Previously, RESTORE would sometimes block at the end of the job when sending its results back if the connection that started the job disconnected. This is now fixed. #51999
  • COPY previously did not allow a backslash of any character other than the special table set. CockroachDB would emit an error in these cases. This behavior is changed to allow any character after a backslash and interpret it to mean the character itself to match the behavior of PostgreSQL (e.g., now \a will be interpreted as a). Furthermore, non hex-digits following a \x are now interpreted without the backslash, (e.g., \xH will be interpreted as xH). Strings ending with a single backslash will use the backslash (e.g., x\\ is interpreted as x\). #52068
  • Fixed an internal error that could occur when an aggregate function argument contained a correlated subquery with another aggregate function referencing the outer scope. This now returns an appropriate user-friendly error: "aggregate function calls cannot be nested". #52092
  • CockroachDB could previously crash on some queries with merge joins; this has now been fixed. #52042
  • Resolved an internal error that occurred with 0-argument builtin functions in the vectorized engine. #52103
  • Previously, subtracting months from a TIMESTAMP/DATE/TIMESTAMPTZ whose date value was greater than 28 could subtract a further year off. This is now fixed. #52138
  • Fixed an issue where large write requests no longer have a chance of erroneously throwing a "transaction with sequence has a different value" error. #52234
  • Previously, shutting down a connection with an open transaction that had active temporary tables caused deadlocks or general brokenness. This was because the table cleanup was done inside of the open transaction. This commit moves the table cleanup to be after the user transaction is shut down. #52148
  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause actionable closed timestamps to effectively regress over a given keyspan. This could in turn lead to a serializability violation when using follower reads. This was due to ill-defined interactions between range merges and the closed timestamp subsystem. #50265
  • Updated the functions crdb_version() and version() to return the same result. #52032
  • Fixed a bug with the temporary object cleaner where it was stuck trying to remove objects that it mistakenly thought were temporary. Note that no persistent data was deleted -- the temporary cleaner simply errored out because it thought certain persistent data was temporary. #51359
  • Fixed a bug when using the COPY protocol which could prevent schema changes for up to 5 minutes. #52384
  • Previously, CockroachDB would erroneously restart the execution of empty, unclosed portals after they had been fully exhausted. This has been fixed. #48842
  • Updated IMPORT PGDUMP and IMPORT MYSQLDUMP to reject specifying multiple files. #52500
  • Fixed an internal error involving string literals used as arrays. #52416
  • Fixed a bug where jobs could fail to run during version upgrades. #52475
  • Don't display a value for gc.ttlseconds in the DB Console if it is not set. #52721
  • Updated CockroachDB's handling of an unknown condition that would previously crash a node with the message "committed txn with writeTooOld err". This condition no longer crashes a node; instead, an error message is printed to the logs asking for help in the investigation. #51619

Performance improvements

  • SELECT IN performance on longer filter rows was improved in the vectorized engine by replacing a linear scan with binary search. #50337
  • Improved the efficiency of garbage collection when there are a large number of versions of a single key, commonly found when utilizing sequences. #51184
  • Scans over the virtual table pg_type by the OID column have improved performance in common cases. #51374
  • Queries no longer block during planning if cached table statistics have become stale and the new statistics have not yet been loaded. Instead, the stale statistics are used for planning until the new statistics have been loaded. This improves performance because it prevents latency spikes that may occur if there is a delay in loading the new statistics. #51616
  • Modified the cardinality estimate for index-accelerated geospatial functions to make it more likely for the optimizer to choose a geospatial inverted index join during query planning. This results in more efficient plans in most cases. #51963
  • Added support for performing joins using geospatial inverted indexes in a wider variety of cases. Complex boolean predicates combining multiple index-accelerated geospatial functions are now supported as join conditions. #52376
  • Previously, histogram statistics were only collected for the first column of each index. Now they are collected for each indexed column, allowing the optimizer to more accurately estimate costs of query plans. #52448
  • Unnecessary mutex contention observed in heavy read workloads has been removed. #51055
  • Ranges recover moderately faster when their leaseholder is briefly down before becoming live again. #51888


This release includes 634 merged PRs by 59 authors.

We would like to thank the following contributors from the CockroachDB community:

  • Andrii Vorobiov
  • Eugene Kalinin (first-time contributor)
  • Juan Carlos (first-time contributor)
  • Vaibhav (first-time contributor)
  • Vincent Xiao (first-time contributor)
  • Yongyang Lai
  • dujin (first-time contributor)
  • himanshuchawla009 (first-time contributor)
  • manhhiep92 (first-time contributor)
  • xuhui-lu (first-time contributor)
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