October 12, 2020

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Docker image

$ docker pull cockroachdb/cockroach:v20.1.7

Security updates

General changes

  • Reduced the memory overhead of rangefeeds (i.e., long-lived requests) which reduces the memory overhead for running CHANGEFEEDs over large tables. #54632

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where columns used in an index which contained the columns of a foreign key as a prefix could lead to all of the index columns being set to NULL or the default value on cascade. #54543
  • Fixed a bug causing servers to crash with the message "committed txn with writeTooOld". Versions below 20.1.4 are susceptible to this bug. Versions 20.1.4+ will not crash, but instead print messages to the log files. #54282
  • Fixed a rare bug which can lead to index backfills failing in the face of transaction restarts. #54859
  • Fixed a race condition propagating post-query metadata in the vectorized execution engine. #55168
  • Fixed a bug causing nodes running version 20.1 to not be able to serve follower reads in mixed-version clusters running versions 19.2 and 20.1. #55089
  • The first timing column in the trace.txt file collected as part of a statement diagnostics bundle has been fixed.


This release includes 19 merged PRs by 8 authors.

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