Cockroach Labs supports the current stable release and two releases prior. Therefore, this version will no longer be supported after the Spring 2020 release.

July 15, 2019

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Docker image

$ docker pull cockroachdb/cockroach:v2.1.8

Bug fixes

  • Fixed crashes when trying to run certain SHOW commands via the pgwire prepare path. #37891
  • Fixed a rare crash ("close of closed channel") that would occur when shutting down a server. #37893
  • Previously, due to a bug when estimating result set sizes in the Optimizer, queries involving large INT ranges could result in poor plans being generated. #38039
  • NULLs are now correctly handled by MIN, SUM, and AVG when used as window functions. #38357
  • Prevented a possible missing row from queries that involved iterator reuse and seeking into the gap between stables bridged by a range tombstone. #37694

Security improvements

  • Only check CommonName on first certificate in file. #38166
  • Stack memory used by CockroachDB is now marked as non-executable, improving security and compatibility with SELinux. #38134


This release includes 12 merged PRs by 11 authors.

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