What's New in v2.1.0-beta.20180917

This version of CockroachDB is no longer supported. For more details, see the Release Support Policy.

September 17, 2018

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Backward-incompatible changes

  • CHANGEFEEDs created with previous betas and alphas will not work with this version. #29559
  • The experimental, non-recommended kv.allocator.stat_based_rebalancing.enabled and kv.allocator.stat_rebalance_threshold cluster settings have been replaced by an improved approach to load-based rebalancing that can be controlled via the new kv.allocator.load_based_rebalancing cluster setting. By default, leases will be rebalanced within a cluster to achieve better QPS balance. #29663

SQL language changes

  • Renamed the EXPERIMENTAL_OPT session setting to OPTIMIZER. The default value is ON, as before. #29530
  • Special characters, such as newlines, are now formatted using octal, instead of hex, for compatibility with PostgreSQL. #29593

Command-line changes

  • All cockroach client sub-commands (except for cockroach workload) now support the --url flag. #29621
  • Removed --log-backtrace-at and --verbosity flags, which were documented as being only useful by CockroachDB developers yet never actually used by CockroachDB developers. #30092

Admin UI changes

  • Long table rows now wrap, when necessary. #29551
  • Diagnostics requests are now proxied through Cockroach Labs to prevent exposing user IP addresses. #29194
  • Added attributes to the login form to allow LastPass to properly recognize it. #29561
  • Custom and regular charts now have the same width. #30083
  • Improved the UX of the Custom Chart page, and added the ability to configure multiple independent charts. #30118
  • Improved the design and accessibility of tooltips. #30115
  • Various improvements to the Statements pages. #30115
    • Simplified and cleaned-up the appearance.
    • Added statement retries.
    • Right-aligned all numeric stats.
    • Added more tooltips, including for the By Gateway Node table on the Statement Details page.
    • Improved tooltips by adding a legend detailing the parts of the bar chart.
    • Highlighted summary rows.
    • Improved table headers.
    • Reordered tables to highlight the most useful data.
    • Widened bar charts.
    • Summarized SET statements.
    • When a statement fingerprint has sometimes failed, used the optimizer, or been distributed, the number of matching executions is now shown.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would allow the cluster summary text in the Admin UI to overflow its space. #29548
  • Corrected the behavior of INSERT INTO t DEFAULT VALUES when there are active schema changes. #29496
  • Fixed a race condition in IMPORT with a column that was a collated string. #29386
  • Fixed crash caused by certain kinds of UPSERT ... RETURNING statements on tables with active schema changes. #29543
  • CHANGEFEEDs now error when a watched table backfills (instead of undefined behavior). #29559
  • Fixed a panic that occurs when verbose logging is enabled. #29534
  • Fixed a panic caused by inserting values of the wrong type into columns depended on by computed columns. #29598
  • Fixed an issue where, under severe load, clients were sometimes receiving retryable errors with a non-retryable error code. #29614
  • The cockroach gen haproxy command now recognizes nodes that specify the HTTP port number using --http-addr instead of --http-port. #29536
  • Fixed a panic in SQL execution. #29669
  • Fixed a panic caused by malformed UTF-8 SQL strings. #29668
  • Corrected the Postgres oid type returned for collated string columns. #29674
  • Enterprise CHANGEFEEDs now correctly skip the initial scan when started with the cursor= option. #29613
  • Hash functions with NULL input now return NULL. #29974
  • Prevented a very rare premature failure in CHANGEFEEDs caused by a race condition with range splits. #30009
  • Fixed a crash when SELECT MIN(NULL) was run with the SQL optimizer enabled. #30014
  • Fixed a rare crash with the message retryable error for the wrong txn. #30046
  • Fixed a bug where certain queries, like merge joins, would appear to run out of memory due to incorrect memory accounting and fail. #30087
  • The string_agg() function can now accept a NULL as a delimiter. #30076

Performance improvements

  • Range replicas are now automatically rebalanced throughout the cluster to even out the amount of QPS being handled by each node. #29663
  • Prevented allocation when checking RPC connection health. #30055

Doc updates


This release includes 87 merged PRs by 23 authors. We would like to thank the following contributors from the CockroachDB community:

  • Sankt Petersbug (first-time contributor)
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