What's New in v2.0.6

This version of CockroachDB is no longer supported. For more details, see the Release Support Policy.

October 1, 2018

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Security bug fix

  • Fixed a vulnerability in which TLS certificates were not validated correctly for internal RPC interfaces. This vulnerability could allow an unauthenticated user with network access to read and write to the cluster. #30821

Command-line changes

  • The cockroach zone command is now compatible with CockroachDB v2.1. However, note that cockroach zone is also deprecated in CockroachDB v2.1 in favor of ALTER ... CONFIGURE ZONE and SHOW ZONE CONFIGURATION statements to update and view replication zones. #29632

Bug fixes

  • The Jobs page now sorts by Creation Time by default instead of by User. #30429
  • Fixed out-of-memory errors caused by very large raft logs. #28398 #28526
  • Fixed a rare scenario where the value written for one system key was seen when another system key was read, leading to the violation of internal invariants. #28798
  • Fixed a memory leak when contended queries time out. #29100
  • Fixed a bug causing index creation to fail under rare circumstances. #29203
  • Fixed a panic that occurred when not all values were present in a composite foreign key. #30154
  • The ON DELETE CASCADE and ON UPDATE CASCADE foreign key actions no longer cascade through NULLs. #30129
  • Fixed the occasional improper processing of the WITH operand with IMPORT/BACKUP/RESTORE and common table expressions. #30199
  • Transaction size limit errors are no longer returned for transactions that have already committed. #30309
  • Fixed a potential infinite loop when the merge joiner encountered an error or cancellation. #30380
  • This release includes the following fixes to the cockroach sql command:
    • The command now properly prints a warning when a ? character is mistakenly used to receive contextual help in a non-interactive session, instead of crashing. #28325
    • The command now works properly even when the TERM environment variable is not set. #28614
    • The commands are now properly able to customize the prompt with ~/.editrc on Linux. #28614
    • The commands once again support copy-pasting special unicode character from other documents. #28614

Performance improvements

  • Greatly improved the performance of catching up followers that are behind when Raft logs are large. #28526


This release includes 26 merged PRs by 12 authors.

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