What's New in v19.1.0-rc.2

This version of CockroachDB is no longer supported. For more details, see the Release Support Policy.

April 8, 2019

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Docker image

$ docker pull cockroachdb/cockroach-unstable:v19.1.0-rc.2

SQL language changes

  • Added the kv.bulk_io_write.concurrent_addsstable_requests cluster setting, which limits the number of SSTables that can be added concurrently during bulk operations. #36444
  • Added the schemachanger.backfiller.buffer_size, schemachanger.backfiller.max_sst_size, and schemachanger.bulk_index_backfill.batch_size cluster settings, which control buffering in index backfills. #36377
  • Added the sql.defaults.reorder_joins_limit cluster setting, which defines the default value of the reorder_joins_limit session variable. #36382

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a panic that could occur with certain patterns of using UPDATE and column families. #36375
  • Prevented production server crashes on certain assertion errors. #36434
  • Data that was previously omitted from debug zip is now included. #36480
  • Fixed a planning error that occurred with some GROUP BY queries due to errors in null count estimation. #36528
  • Fixed inappropriate column renaming in some cases involving single-column SRFs. #36535
  • Prevented a panic when running a render expression that produces an error at the very end of a count_rows aggregate. #36538
  • Prevented a deadlock related to store queue processing. #36542

Performance improvements

  • CockroachDB now allows oversized ranges to split sooner. #36368
  • Reduced memory usage during bulk data ingestion (during IMPORT, RESTORE, and index creation). #36420
  • Prevented rocksdb from slowing down write traffic during bulk data ingestion. #36512
  • Sped up bulk data ingestion during index backfills and IMPORT. #36525

Doc updates

  • Emphasized the experimental status of CockroachDB's Windows binary. #4628
  • Clarified the use of the ApplicationName connection string parameter for JDBC clients. #4623
  • Documented the COMMENT ON statement, for adding comments to databases, tables, and columns. #4617
  • Documented the RENAME CONSTRAINT subcommand of ALTER TABLE, and identified the ALTER TABLE subcommands that can be used in combination in a single ALTER TABLE statement. #4615
  • Documented per-statement credential parameters for Google Cloud Storage. #4606
  • Clarified the accepted values for the --duration flag of cockroach workload. #4610


This release includes 36 merged PRs by 16 authors.

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