What's New in v1.2-alpha.20171211

Dec 11, 2017

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General Changes

SQL Language Changes

Command-Line Interface Changes

Admin UI Changes

  • The Admin UI now sets the Last-Modified header when serving assets to permit browser caching. This improves page load times, especially on slow connections #20429.

Bug Fixes

  • Removed the possibility for OOM errors during distributed IMPORT from csv. #20506
  • Fixed a crash triggered by some corner-case queries containing ORDER BY. #20489
  • Added missing Distributed SQL flows to the exported sql.distsql.flows.active and sql.distsql.flows.total metrics and the "Active Flows for Distributed SQL Queries" admin UI graph. #20503
  • Fixed an issue with stale buffer data when using the binary format for ARRAY values. #20461
  • The cockroach sql shell now better reports the number of rows inserted by a CREATE TABLE ... AS ... statement. Note, however, that the result are still formatted incorrectly if the CREATE TABLE ... AS ... statement creates zero rows in the new table. #20268
  • Self-referencing tables can now reference a non-primary index without manually adding an index on the referencing column. #20325
  • Fixed an issue where spans for descending indexes were displaying incorrectly and updated NOT NULL tokens from # to !NULL. #20318
  • Fixed BACKUP jobs to correctly resume in all conditions. #20185
  • Fix various race conditions with jobs. #20185
  • It is no longer possible to use conflicting AS OF SYSTEM TIME clauses in different parts of a query. #20267
  • Fixed a panic caused by dependency cycles with cockroach dump. #20255
  • Prevented context cancellation during lease acquisition from leaking to coalesced requests. #20424

Performance Improvements

  • Improved handling of IS NULL conditions. #20366
  • Improved p99 latencies for garbage collection of previous versions of a key, when there are many versions. #20373
  • Smoothed out disk usage under very write heavy workloads by syncing to disk more frequently. #20352
  • Improved garbage collection of very large transactions and large volumes of abandoned write intents. #20396
  • Improved table scans and seeks on interleaved parent tables by skipping interleaved children rows at the end of a scan. #20235
  • Replaced the interval tree structure in TimestampCache with arena-backed concurrent skiplist. This reduces global locking and garbage collection pressure, improving average and tail latencies. #20300

Doc Updates

  • Added an introduction to CockroachDB video. #2234
  • Clarified that we have tested the PostgreSQL-compatible drivers and ORMs featured in our documentation enough to claim beta-level support. This means that applications using advanced or obscure features of a driver or ORM may encounter incompatibilities. If you encounter problems, please open an issue with details to help us make progress toward full support. #2235
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