What's New in v1.1-alpha.20170810

This version of CockroachDB is no longer supported. For more details, see the Release Support Policy.

Aug 10, 2017

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SQL Language Changes

Command-Line Interface Changes

  • The cockroach sql shell now prints the running time of each statement (only in interactive shells using the pretty output format). #17358

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a panic when parsing an interval consisting only of + or - characters. #17344
  • Improved responsiveness of query cancellation. #17219
  • Prepared statements with more than 65535 arguments now return an error instead of crashing the server. #17380
  • Improved tracing for batches that get split across multiple ranges. #17414

Performance Improvements

  • Rebalancing now considers data size and write load, not just number of replicas. #16878
  • The default MVCC garbage collection TTL has been changed from 24 to 25 hours, allowing statements (especially dump or BACKUP) started at the 24h mark to be completed. #17366
  • Reduced number of goroutines used in the command queue. #9448

Doc Updates

  • Improved the UX of the documentation version selector on mobile devices. #1670
  • Expanded the instructions for upgrading a cluster's version. #1769
  • Added an example for using a WHERE clause to apply an INSERT .. ON CONFLICT .. DO UPDATE SET expression conditionally. #1803

Enterprise Edition Changes

  • The SHOW BACKUPS statement now includes information about table size. #17261
  • Backup and restore jobs now restart if their coordinating node dies. #17301
  • Restoring multiple tables now allocates table IDs in the correct order. #17412
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