What's New in beta-20170223

Feb 23, 2017

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SQL Language Changes

  • Fixed parsing of interval constants with precision modifiers such as INTERVAL '5' YEARS. #13702
  • String literals containing true, false, or their synonyms (but not placeholders or other expressions of type string) can now be used where a BOOL is required. #13685
  • The underlying implementation of the DECIMAL type has been replaced. This may change the results of some calculations. The default rounding behavior for DECIMAL values is now "half away from zero", which is consistent with PostgreSQL. #13551
  • The column headers in the results of SHOW commands are now lower-case to match PostgreSQL. #13484
  • The pg_index.indkey column is now an int2vector, improving compatibility with Sequelize. #13484
  • Improved support for arrays (still limited to the pg_catalog tables). #13636 #13535
  • The output of SHOW USERS is now sorted. #13661

Admin UI Changes

  • A new graph displays the execution latency for SQL statements. #12790
  • A new "All Events" page displays cluster history. #13093
  • New metrics for round-trip time between nodes are now recorded. #13533
  • Fixed-width fonts now correctly use Inconsolata. #13631

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in error handling that could causes ranges to get stuck if an error occurred during a rebalance. #13605
  • Retry table lease errors during schema changes, preventing them from getting stuck. #13606
  • Inter-node connections are now closed on heartbeat timeouts, improving the handling of network partitions. #13654

Performance Improvements

  • Metadata for queries using unqualified table names is now cached, speeding up these queries by 130%. #13635
  • Eliminated an unnecessary sort phase in table scans, making cockroach dump usable on larger tables. #13703
  • Leases and replicas will no longer be transferred to nodes that are draining. #11724 #13601
  • Reduced unnecessary copying and allocations. #13660 #13649


This release includes 57 merged PRs by 19 authors.

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