What's New in beta-20161103

Nov 3, 2016

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Backwards-Incompatible Changes

  • Users (other than root) must now be created with the CREATE USER statement or cockroach user set command before they can be used for TLS certificate- or password-based authentication. #9794
  • The ambiguous result error message introduced in beta-20161027 is now simply result is ambiguous since it may be returned outside of transactions. #10279

SQL Language Changes

  • Password-based authentication is now supported. Clients can authenticate with either a TLS certificate or a password. Documentation coming soon.#9794
  • The SHOW USERS statement is now supported. #10088
  • The pg_catalog.pg_type, pg_catalog.pg_database, pg_catalog.pg_views, pg_catalog.pg_proc, and pg_catalog.pg_am tables are now supported. #10209, #10284, #10276, #10217, #10363
  • The information_schema.statistics and information_schema.views tables are now supported. #10220, #10288
  • SHOW TABLES now adds a (dropped) suffix to tables that are being dropped. #10063
  • SHOW CREATE VIEW now only requires permissions on the view, not the underlying tables. #10270

Command-Line Interface Changes

  • When entering a transaction in the built-in sql shell, the statements are not sent to the server until there is either a COMMIT, ROLLBACK, or two blank lines. This minimizes the lifetime of the transaction and therefore the risk of conflicts. #10187

Performance Improvements

  • Queries that span multiple ranges are now executed across those ranges in parallel. #9197
  • Time series data (used in the admin UI) is now loaded in parallel. #10250
  • Rebalancing now reaches an equilibrium faster. #10330

Bug Fixes

  • Memory usage of SQL queries is now monitored, and queries that use too much will fail rather than exhaust the server's memory. #9259
  • Fixed a problem with snapshot error handling that could cause the cluster to be unable to make progress after node failure.
  • Computing the log() of a very large number no longer causes the server to hang. #10221
  • Decimal numbers are now parsed correctly in AS OF SYSTEM TIME queries. #10242
  • concat_ws() with no arguments no longer crashes the server. #10309
  • Fixed a bug when a command was executed after its client had disconnected. #10279

Doc Updates


This release includes 68 merged PRs by 24 authors. We would like to thank the following contributors from the CockroachDB community, including first-time contributors Johan Brandhorst and MaBo.

  • Johan Brandhorst
  • MaBo
  • Yan Long
  • songhao
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