What's New in beta-20160915

Sep 15, 2016

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General Changes

  • CockroachDB is now built with Go 1.7.1. #9288
  • CockroachDB no longer requires Git 2.5; the minimum supported version is now 1.8. #9325

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an inconsistency that could occur when two conflicting transactions were assigned the same timestamp. #9100
  • Nodes with multiple stores now export metrics in a format that works with Prometheus. #9322

Performance Improvements

  • Improved concurrency of Raft processing so snapshots and replica garbage collection do not block other ranges. #9176 #9299
  • The rebalancing system is now more tolerant of small imbalances, making the range distribution more likely to reach a steady state. #9230
  • Reduced memory used by debugging traces. #9258
  • Ranges now become responsive sooner after startup. #9276
  • Removed an internal timeout that caused unnecessary retry loops. #9234
  • Try harder to ensure that the range lease and raft leadership are co-located. #8834
  • Reduced memory used by Raft. #9193
  • The consistency checker now uses less memory when an inconsistency is found. #9159
  • The internal replica queues can now time out and recover from a replica that gets stuck. #9312
  • Removed a redundant verification process that periodically scanned over all data. #9333

Doc Updates


This release includes 66 merged PRs by 17 authors.

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