What's New in beta-20160728

Jul 28, 2016

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New Features

  • Foreign keys can now reference multiple columns. #8033
  • The dump command can now be run by any user with SELECT privilege on the table. #7974
  • INTEGER and DECIMAL types can now be mixed in arithmetic expressions without casts. #7756
  • The --join flag can now be specified multiple times, as an alternative to specifying a comma-separated list. #7876

Bug Fixes

  • Range leases are now preserved across splits, fixing a source of inconsistent reads. #7955
  • Fixed a panic when single-statement transactions were aborted after an automatic retry. #8010
  • Parsing of time zone offsets is now more lenient, improving compatibility with JDBC drivers. #7929
  • Unbounded columns are now allowed in empty column families. #7969
  • The target columns of INSERT and UPDATE statements are now required to be given in unqualified form. #7911
  • Fixed a potential deadlock in the gossip subsystem and SQL leases. #8011, #8019

Performance Improvements

  • Snapshots are now sent prior to the Raft configuration change, minimizing the window of reduced availability. #7833

Doc Updates


This release includes 63 merged PRs by 17 authors. We would like to thank first-time contributor Rushi Agrawal from the CockroachDB community.

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