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A relational database for next-generation, cloud-native applications 

Who is CockroachDB For?

For Developers


CockroachDB lets you have the consistency of a serializable, ACID, relational database and great application performance at any scale

CockroachDB eliminates geographical constraints on performance and allows you to meet complex privacy and compliance regulations


For Architects

Scale your data, not your operational complexity

CockroachDB is ACID compliant, and scales globally without the need for a massive architectural overhaul. Simply add a new node to the cluster and CockroachDB takes care of balancing data across instances and geographies.


Access all your data, all the time and from anywhere

CockroachDB delivers an always-on and highly available database designed so that any loss of nodes is consumed without impact to availability. It creates, manages, and distributes replicas of your data to ensure reliability.


Give your data a location

CockroachDB is the only database that enables you to attach ‘location’ to your data at the row level. Regulate the distance between your users and their data and comply with complex privacy regulation.



Give your applications a global, cloud database in seconds

Cloud-based architectures allow you to deploy your applications anywhere and at any scale, but how do we scale the database? How do we move data closer to users? How do we ensure data is available at acceptable performance everywhere? The answer is Distributed SQL.  




Provision, scale and manage a complex, highly available distributed SQL clusters with just a few clicks.

Deploy a single database across a broadly distribured geography with low latency reads and consistent writes

Ensure your application data is always on, always available and reduce recovery objectives to zero

Consistent Global Transactions

Which deployment model and workloads are right for CockroachDB?

Whether you start with a small single region cluster or need global, multi-region coverage, CockroachDB is built to meet the needs for always-on, distributed, heavy read/write transactional workloads.

CockroachDB delivers the consistency required for your most stringent transactional workloads, such as financial transactions.

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