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Get started using the Go pq driver or GORM.

Why build your Go apps on CockroachDB?

CockroachDB takes everything you love about traditional relational databases like PostgreSQL, then adds greater simplicity and more advanced features.




CockroachDB is developer-friendly. It delivers PostgreSQL dialect and has stellar docs and support.

CockroachDB provides low-latency reads and writes, even in distributed and multi-region clusters. 

Built for cloud apps, CockroachDB has allows for easy scaling, zero downtime, and ACID transactions.

CockroachDB: Written in Go

Roachers and Gophers have a long history. Want to learn more about why Go was the right choice for CockroachDB?

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Community Tutorial: Building a Golang App on CockroachDB

Read one CockroachDB user’s experience building a Go app on CockroachDB.

Read on Medium: Getting Started with CockroachDB and GoLang

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