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Getting Started with CockroachDB Dedicated

CockroachDB Dedicated is a fully managed & hosted Distributed SQL database that is architected for modern cloud applications. In this video, the GM of CockroachDB Dedicated, Lakshmi Kannan, walks through the three steps for setting up your first Distributed SQL database. 


CockroachDB Dedicated eliminates the tasks of provisioning the database and any ongoing cluster management so that you can focus on building your application architecture. It implements a standard, developer-friendly, SQL interface and is node-based so that you can attain linear, automated scale for your data by simply provisioning a new node. CockroachDB Dedicated replicates your data across multiple nodes so that even with the loss of a node or region, you can be sure data is always available and transactions can always be committed. With guaranteed transactional consistency, it is well suited for even the most high value and stringent workloads, allowing you to avoid troubling database issues like dirty and phantom reads. CockroachDB Dedicated also has the unique capability to geo-partition data so you can address latency and compliance issues in a geo-distributed environment. CockroachDB Dedicated delivers key enterprise capabilities for granular change data capture, cell level data encryption at rest and is supported by our world-class team of database experts. It is self-service and you can automatically provision it on AWS or GCP.  

If you have any questions about CockroachDB Dedicated and you'd like to connect with other users then check out our community slack.


In the video Lakshmi mentions free trial codes for CockroachDB Dedicated. If you're interested in getting a code then reach out to us through this link.

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