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How CockroachDB Became The Foundation of Bose’s Data Strategy

Cost Effective, Scalable, Global Data Store Compatible with Microservices

Bose is a leading audio equipment design and development company, best known for its professional, personal, and car audio systems and noise cancelling headphones. Bose has been working on a new cloud platform for the last couple of years. The new platform is the backing for a new series of cloud connected products that Bose is bringing to the market. A major challenge has been finding a cost effective, scalable across-the-globe data store that's easy for microservice developers to work with and that's how we arrived at Cockroach. In this video Dylan O'Mahony, Principal Cloud Architect from Bose, describes his experience with CockroachDB. 

Always-On Availability & Zero RTO

CockroachDB addresses an essential Bose project goal by providing incredible resiliency. Bose has been unable to kill CockroachDB no matter what they’ve thrown at it. CockroachDB has been incredibly scalable and Bose has plans to go global across many, many different data centers. 

CockroachDB Delivers A Global Database

CockroachDB is setting Bose up for success in their pursuit of a global database. Bose has customers all around the world and they need a database that can scale to multiple different regions. It's also cost effective, and the opensource ethos of Cockroach Labs along with the technology has met all of Bose’s needs. 

High Transaction Loads Require A Database That Scales Easily

Bose has high transaction loads, and Cockroach has been able to handle everything that Bose has thrown at it. There are a lot of different scalable databases out there, but none that really have all of the attributes of CockroachDB and all of the things that Bose was looking for. CockroachDB has become the foundation of Bose’s data strategy for their cloud platform.

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