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Webinar: CockroachDB for Oracle DBAs

April 24, 2018
Event Details

Ronald Rood is an Oracle ACE and Oracle Certified Master. As an Oracle DBA, he has recently started adding new products to his toolset and CockroachDB is one of them.

In this presentation, Ronald will talk about the success he had in implementing solutions with CockroachDB.

In this webinar Ronald will talk about:

  • What is CockroachDB? What problems is it good for?
  • How to get started.
  • How to setup a secure cluster where each node is open for read and for write.
  • How to connect client applications to the database in such a way that the loss of a node does not matter.
  • A quick explanation of how raft consensus ensures integrity.
  • How to use availability zones for even better availability.
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