What will you learn?

This course will help you feel confident taking your own simple entities, mapping them to your relational database, and performing basic queries.

Level: Introductory
Audience: Developers (any level)
  • Learn basic, single-table SQL operations
  • Translate a simple entity/object into a corresponding database table
  • Populate your table with data and retrieve it after
Prerequisites: Basic Programming Concepts (Objects, Fields, Data Types, Boolean Logic, etc)
This course teaches you how to map your business critical data from your application code to a SQL database and describes key SQL features that help minimize application complexity.

Level: Intermediate
Audience: Developers
  • Combine data from multiple data sources using joins
  • Model one-to-many object relationships in a relational database
  • Use foreign key constraints to ensure referential integrity
  • Model many-to-many relationships in a relational database
  • Model object inheritance in a relational database
Prerequisites: Getting Started with SQL for Application Developers

In total, the path takes about ten hours to complete, but the courses are broken down into bite-sized chunks, and you can learn at your own pace.

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