Support Services

Where Cockroach Labs has agreed to provide you with Support Services, it will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide those Support Services in accordance with the response times described in this Support Policy. The Support Services are generally available during Service Hours and are provided through the Support Center in English. Cockroach Labs may update this Support Policy from time to time by posting those updates to this page.

Response Times*

Cockroach Labs will use best efforts to the provide Initial Responses to Support Center Services requests as set forth in the table below:

Error Priority Target Response Time
Severity 1 2 Service Hours
Severity 2 4 Service Hours
Severity 3 8 Business Hours
Severity 4 12 Business Hours

Cockroach Labs may at its discretion allow Free Tier Customers and users of Beta Services to submit Support Center requests. You agree that Cockroach Labs is under no obligation to respond to such Support Center requests under any specific time frame or at all and Cockroach Labs may cease providing Support Services to Free Tier Customers or users of Beta Services at any time with or without notice.

*For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in these Response Times or in this Support Policy guarantees full resolution of a reported Error.

Requirements for Support Services

In order to provide the Support Services, Cockroach Labs requires that: (i) Support Requests include sufficient information and data to allow Cockroach Labs to readily reproduce all reported Errors, (ii) you provide Cockroach Labs with access to your personnel, equipment, systems, and data as may be reasonably required by Cockroach Labs, and/or (iii) your reasonably cooperation in the diagnosis and resolution of the reported Error. You acknowledge and agree Cockroach Labs will not be responsible for any limitations in its ability to provide Support Services which result from your failure to adhere to the foregoing requirements (as applicable).

You agree that you will properly and sufficiently train your personnel in respect of the Supported Products, and that you will appoint a reasonable number of such trained individuals to serve as primary contacts for use of the Support Services (the “Authorized Contacts”). All use of the Support Services will only be initialized by the Authorized Contacts.


Cockroach Labs does not provide Support Services for Errors arising from (i) use of any Beta Services or unsupported versions of Cockroach Labs software (the Cockroach Labs Release Support Policy is available at; (ii) any software or hardware or combinations with software or hardware not supplied by Cockroach Labs; (iii) modifications implemented by anyone other than Cockroach Labs; (iv) any failure to adhere to your applicable agreements with Cockroach Labs or any applicable Cockroach Labs published best practices or documentation; or (v) any non-Cockroach Labs negligence, misconduct, misuse, or willfully bad acts.


“Business Days” means Monday through Friday, excluding United States Federal Holidays.

“Business Hours” means 9am to 6pm Eastern US Time on Business Days.

“Customer” is a person or entity which has signed up to an agreement with Cockroach Labs which provides for Support Services.

“Initial Response” means an initial response back to a Support Center request which, at a minimum, acknowledges receipt of the request.

“Severity 1” means an Error which causes the Software or Service to be non-operational and there is no known Workaround.

“Severity 2” means an Error with the Software or Service that causes a serious disruption which cannot be solved on even a temporary basis by a Workaround.

“Severity 3” means a non-critical Error with the Software or Services where you can still use the Software and Services and a Workaround is available.

“Severity 4” means an Error that is not Severity 1, Severity 2, or Severity 3.

“Support Center” means the Cockroach Labs online support portal available at

“Support Hours” means twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week.

“Support Policy” means this Cockroach Support Policy.

“Support Request” means a request for support that is submitted to the Support Center.

“Support Services” means the product and services support that Cockroach Labs has agreed to provide to you.

“Workaround” means a method which can be used by you to avoid an Error without substantially impairing your use of the Software or Services.