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Case Study

CockroachDB helps the UNIwise DevOps team deliver scale & high availability

Digital education platforms need scale & resilience during the digital surge of 2020

Stay-at-home orders have required that school and university campuses all over the world shut down. This created a sudden spike in demand for digital learning platforms that help schools meet the needs of remote education. One platform that saw a huge increase in demand was WISEflow, a digital exam tool built by UNIwise. WISEflow has been popular for years in Denmark and Norway, but when remote learning became the norm, WISEflow immediately gained adoption from universities in France, Germany, and Korea.

Why UNIwise chose CockroachDB

One of the UNIwise DevOps engineers, Jonas Tranberg, had heard about CockroachDB from a colleague who had seen CockroachDB at KubeCon in Copenhagen back in 2018. When Tranberg and his team revisited CockroachDB, they were pleased with the PostgreSQL wire protocol and with the ability to scale automatically. And since the DevOps team deploys their infrastructure on Kubernetes, they also appreciated that they could run CockroachDB within StatefulSets pods.

“When we chose to bring in a new database to our stack we wanted a solution that was stable, performant, low maintenance, and easy to use and monitor. CockroachDB is all those things. It just works.”
-Jonas Tranberg, DevOps Engineer

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