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Introducing CockroachDB 19.1

It’s been a little over four years since we started our mission to deliver an enterprise-ready distributed SQL database. Today, we’re excited to release CockroachDB 19.1. With this release, we enhanced distributed SQL capabilities, and expanded upon enterprise-grade features for…

Distributed SQL: An Evolution of the Database

As organizations transition to the cloud, they eventually find that the legacy relational databases that are behind some of their most critical applications simply do not take advantage of the promise of the cloud and are difficult to scale. It…

Why do outages still happen in 2019?

Disasters happen. (Most) outages shouldn’t. When multi-billion dollar companies like Wells Fargo, Delta, and Facebook experience outages, the reaction from users tends to be anger and surprise. Anger, because people want access to their personal checking and to leave JFK…

Introducing the High Availability Architecture Guide (CockroachDB vs. Oracle)

CockroachDB At Chicago PostgresSQL Meetup
When IT experts consider high availability infrastructure for mission-critical services, their minds often leap to Oracle as the preeminent service provider. But Oracle's database was designed in a pre-cloud world. As a cloud native database, CockroachDB introduces a new way of providing always-on availability, strong data consistency, and distributed performance.
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