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Automatic Table Statistics in CockroachDB

Last year, we rebuilt our cost-based optimizer from scratch for CockroachDB’s 2.1 release. We’ve been continuing to improve the optimizer since then, and we’ve added a number of new features for the CockroachDB 19.1 release. One of the new features is automatic collection…

How to Run Chaos Tests in a Multi-Cloud Environment

Chaos engineers create tests to proactively expose issues that could cause outages or inefficiencies in a system. A standard menu of Chaos engineering tests for multi-cloud architecture begins by stressing the potential cloud providers.

Why are my Go executable files so large?

This blog post was originally published on the author's personal blog. Overview I built some tooling to extract details about the contents of a Go executable file, and a small D3 application to visualize this information interactively as zoomable tree maps.…

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