Inc. Magazine honors Cockroach Labs on Best Workplaces List 2022

Inc. Magazine honors Cockroach Labs on Best Workplaces List 2022

The last year has been a year of growth for Cockroach Labs for many different reasons. We grew in size, maturity, and knowledge. The strength and resilience of our community continue to be the bond that keeps our fire ignited and propels us forward.

So, it is an absolute honor that we have been named to Inc. Magazine’s annual list of the Best Workplaces for 2022 for the second year in a row. 

The list is the result of a wide-ranging and comprehensive measurement of American companies that have created exceptional workplaces and company culture. Inc. collected data from thousands of companies, and every company took part in an employee survey that covered management effectiveness, perks, and fostering employee growth. The companies on Inc.’s Best Workplaces list set an example that we all can learn from. We are humbled to be named alongside them.

“Not long ago, the term ‘best workplace’ would have conjured up images of open-office designs with stocked snack fridges,” says Inc. editor-in-chief Scott Omelianuk. “Yet given the widespread adoption of remote work, the concept of the workplace has shifted. This year, Inc. has recognized the organizations dedicated to redefining and enriching the workplace in the face of the pandemic.”

From the very beginning, our goal was to build a space for our employees that inspired innovation while still encouraging employees to find their unique balance of personal and professional commitments.Over the last couple of years that became even more of a focus. We saw the disruption of normal office operations at the start of the pandemic as an opportunity to rethink workplace norms at a pivotal point in our company’s growth. Through a series of focus groups, surveys, and external research, our Workplace team created a new scalable distributed workplace model that provides flexibility while promoting opportunities to collaborate, connect, and retain a strong focus on productivity. 

We were presented with a new challenge as offices began to reopen their doors over the last year. We had been focused on creating “opportunities to collaborate” in the remote working environment, and so we began thinking of ways to maintain those opportunities and introduce new ones with a new hybrid working environment. Shying away from the traditional desk-packed, open-plan office, we landed on a new, multi-use Headquarters in New York, which perfectly suits Cockroach Labs' multifaceted approach to space and collaboration. Along with the New York headquarters, Cockroach Labs invested in office spaces in Toronto and San Francisco in 2021. 

Over the last several years, we have challenged the status quo and built programs for better recruiting, better support, more opportunities in and out of the office, and fostered an environment where diversity of thought exists and is celebrated. We will continue to strive for an innovative and inclusive workplace for all. At Cockroach Labs, we are committed to ensuring everyone feels inspired to do their best work, whether that’s in the office or from home. Flexibility is key.

If you are in the market for your next role, consider joining us on our mission to build the next great database company. We are expanding with open positions in almost all departments. Explore open roles at and hear directly from the folks building CockroachDB.

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