Elliot Is Using CockroachDB to Power Global eCommerce

Elliot Is Using CockroachDB to Power Global eCommerce

As a global eCommerce platform, Elliot needs to reliably process lots of transactional data. Elliot is a conversion optimization tool that helps brands build seamless check-out experiences. They operate globally while offering customers a fully localized experience that natively supports local currencies, languages, shipping options, and tax. In short, they make global eCommerce a one-step process.

And in order to do so, they needed to choose a database that would localize their data and scale with their company.

At a recent Cockroach community meetup at our New York HQ, CEO and co-founder of Elliot Sergio Villasenor gave a presentation on the architecture of Elliot, and the four reasons they went with CockroachDB for their enterprise offering:

  1. High Availability: eCommerce never stops. If your business needs to be available 24/7, so does your database. CockroachDB provides Elliot with a highly available system they can depend upon.
  2. Strong Consistency: For Elliot, ensuring that inventory for retailers is in-sync and correct is critical. That means they needed a database with zero compromise on inventory correctness, that still operated at high scale.
  3. Geo-distributed data: Working with local compliance laws is a headache for global businesses. But CockroachDB's ability to geo-partition data makes compliance manageable for Elliot.
  4. Cloud-agnostic: Operating in places like China, Russia, and the EU often means needing to have more than one cloud provider. As a company that relies heavily on multi-cloud deployments, Elliot needed a database that wasn't specific to any one cloud vendor.

To learn more about Elliot’s architecture, watch the video: