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CockroachDB: Cloud-native, distributed SQL

Your cloud applications deserve a cloud-native database.

An evolution of the database

Cloud-native, distributed SQL

Cloud-based apps and services deserve a database that scales across clouds, eases operational complexity, and improves reliability. CockroachDB delivers resilient, distributed SQL with ACID transactions and data partitioned by location.

Simplify operations with orchestration tools

Automate operations for mission-critical applications by pairing CockroachDB with orchestration tools like Kubernetes and Mesosphere DC/OS.

Freedom to architect across clouds

Multi-cloud and cloud neutral database

Create the most IT flexibility for your business by ensuring you work with a database that allows you to build across on-prem, cloud, hybrid cloud and multi cloud environments without sacrificing performance, SQL or scale.

CockroachDB is open source. Download & deploy on any cloud or use our managed service.

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