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CockroachDB: Ultra-resilient SQL for global business

Ensure your scaling business-critical applications are always available and correct.

Massive scale without giving up SQL

Keep your services running and your customers happy with a database that automatically scales, rebalances, and repairs itself. And with CockroachDB’s distributed SQL engine and ACID transactions, your business can grow without ever manually sharding.

Let us manage your database, so you can focus on your business.

Try Managed CockroachDB

Simplify operations with orchestration tools

Automate operations for mission-critical applications by pairing CockroachDB with orchestration tools like Kubernetes and Mesosphere DC/OS.

Avoid lock-in with a cloud-neutral database

Create the most IT flexibility for your business by ensuring you work with a database that allows you to build across on-prem, cloud, hybrid cloud and multi cloud environments without sacrificing performance, SQL or scale.

If your applications are business-critical, you need CockroachDB

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